Greetings from Glacier National Park


We are enjoying are stay in Glacier National Park. A sharp contrast to the crowds and congestion of Yellowstone. Getting some good shots with the new zoom lens for the Canon.


This family of mountain goats was right off the Going to The Sun Road.



The goats can run extremely fast and climb like a … well like a mountain goat. Jaime captured below pic with our new zoom lens.


Lucy enjoyed her trip up to the continental divide. It’s her 4th trip over it. She’s cool like that.


We are staying in Apgar Campground on Lake McDonald. The stream flowing into it has amazing azure blue color.

McDonald Creek

5 responses to “Greetings from Glacier National Park

  1. Great photos – did you get a telephoto for a digital Canon? Lucy looks great – she must be thriving in the cooler climes of Glacier. Tell Jaime I’ll send her a note soon. Busy summer here with family and friends. Going camping with the kids next week but its supposed to rain, darn it.

  2. Thanks Gail. Pics are with a new zoom lens for the Canon. Really makes a difference.

    Hope you are enjoying the summer. It’s been raining here in Glacier for the past couple of days also but hopefully will clear up. We keep saying we are glad not to be in a tent!


  3. Cool photos. I thought it’s so cool having a picture of a mountain goat with the Logan Pass sign….until I looked more carefully. 😆 Glacier NP is up there on the list of my favorite parks. Would like to read more of your blog.

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